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“We’re about making you and your department shine.”

Cheryl Carr,
Chief Operating Officer


"We can help you navigate from a Volume-Based model to a Value-Based one, all while managing the gap between the two."

David Dann,
CEO / Partner


Our Preliminary Analysis puts a laser focus on where you are and where you can be.

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We help healthcare providers to focus on what matters most.

We’re BDA – experts in Medical Documentation, Coding, and Reimbursement. For over a quarter of a century our experienced coding and financial professionals have worked side-by-side with healthcare providers to improve documentation and coding, increase revenue capture, grow compliance, and ultimately focus on what matters most: practicing good medicine. BDA has worked in more than 40 states and provided consulting services to some of the nation’s largest providers, as well as smaller hospitals and practices. We work hard to earn clients’ trust. We want to become your trusted partner for documentation and compliance.


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Even before you hire BDA, we’ll review your documentation and coding strengths and weaknesses – free and at no obligation to you…

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Helping to Navigate through ICD-10 Transitioning

The move to ICD-10 is more than a coding change – it’s a business change. Partnering with BDA can help make your transition a smooth one…

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Transitioning from Volume-Driven to Value-Based

Moving from a Volume-Driven to a Values-Based model without revenue loss; we call it Managing The Gap…

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