If ever there was an industry where the phrase “Business as Usual” simply does not apply – it would be today’s Healthcare landscape. At Bill Dunbar & Associates, we approach our Compensation Models with much the same perspective.  With major change all around us – funding reductions, new care models, electronic health records, pay for performance – the manner in which you have always approached the business aspect of healthcare is simply not sustainable.

New process systems are all around us and standards of performance are higher than we can ever remember. It is evident that the way our industry approaches everything must change. At Bill Dunbar & Associates, embracing change is part of our DNA.

  • Clients appreciate our Gain-Share Formula. In many instances, our services are paid for via a gain-share formula where we receive a percentage of the increased revenue that results from our services.  We share with our clients the gain we help to create.
  • Per Provider Per Month is another model we offer. It is preferred by those clients requiring a consistent amount each month that is based upon established metrics and can be easily monitored within a budget.

Regardless of our ultimate fee-structure, we have always operated under the premise that if we help to build processes that improve our clients’ strategic execution, the leadership and staff engagement we create becomes infectious. As our clients’ processes improve, their organization’s capacity consequently grows – and, performance soars.

We have proven to our clients that the ROI of our work is always many times greater than our fee – no matter what criteria we agree upon to measure it. In this climate of change and innovation, we remain flexible in designing fee structures and compensation metrics that will help all parties in the equation to prosper.

At Bill Dunbar & Associates, we are comfortable creating a no-risk approach to our compensation models; this quality not only sets Bill Dunbar & Associates apart from our competitors – but provides peace of mind to our clients and their administrative teams.