Our Services Optimize Revenue Capture at Every Level

BDA focuses on working with hospital and physician practice finance executives to improve accuracy in documentation and coding.  Our model is designed to improve revenue capture and reimbursement at every level within the organization.

We are a single solution for process improvement of hospital outpatient and physician practice documentation and coding. Together, we help our clients reach their ultimate destination: patient access to appropriate care in the appropriate setting, while ensuring accuracy of medical documentation and coding to properly reflect case intensity. 

Here’s a small sampling of some of the specific services we offer:

  • Annual coding updates
  • Benchmark analysis
  • Chargemaster reviews
  • Compliance
  • Development of Evaluation and Management (E/M) Policy manuals
  • Educational tools for front-office protocols
  • Education (group or 1:1) and coaching on coding, E/M Guidelines and CPT/HC PCS/ICD-9 updates
  • Fee analyses
  • ICD-10 education and preparation
  • On-site practice analysis
  • Reviews of coding templates
  • Reviews of Superbills/Charge sheets
  • Support for RAC Appeals Process

BDA’s compensation models range from a performance-based model to a “per practitioner per month” (PPPM) basis.  Customized solutions include consulting, implementation, training and tracking performance indicators tied directly to patient care outcomes.

Our process is proprietary and our recommendations confidential.  However, every engagement involves a goal of helping clients to optimize and improve performance by focusing on:

  • Benchmarking. We provide peer-to-peer comparisons to achieve best practices by medical specialty.  We focus on Evaluation and Management Levels, CPT & Diagnosis Coding, and overall Reimbursement.
  • Performance Metrics. We identify preventable errors in medical documentation and coding at all levels of the revenue cycle, achieving the highest level of accuracy in gathering and evaluating all clinical data.
  • Communication. We help to assure optimal communications within the organizational structure.
  • Compliance.  We pinpoint potential audit and compliance risks and provides corresponding solutions for improvement.

We look forward to connecting with your organization to help better navigate the changes we are experiencing in the healthcare industry.