DIVO is an acronym for Dunbar’s Information Vault On-demand. DIVO is a fully HIPAA compliant online client repository or ‘vault’ that contains the latest information available regarding documentation and coding from the professionals at BDA.  Once your information has been added to your DIVO ‘vault’, it is available online 24/7 for administration, providers and coding staff to access and refer to on an as-needed basis.

All of the information in DIVO is tagged and archived so that your staff will be able to search it online by topic or CPT code, whenever it is convenient. In addition, you can use DIVO to train your newest hires via online training videos, downloadable PDF files, or viewable topics.

Furthermore, DIVO is also interactive. Once your staff accesses a subject on DIVO and has a follow-up question regarding any posed topic, they can enter their question online and receive a response within three business days.