Even before you hire BDA, we’ll review your documentation and coding strengths and weaknesses – free and at no obligation to you. The BDA Preliminary Analysis, or Prelim, lets us put a laser focus on where you are, where you can be, and whether we can help you.

You will benefit by knowing how your group’s performance compares to peer organizations within your medical specialty.  We can provide you with actionable steps that lead toward improved revenue performance.  We will even give you a series of customized recommendations toward that goal

Your Prelim Report will be packed with more than 25 pages of customized data that reveal your most significant opportunities for net revenue growth. We’ll review these findings with you and offer our recommendations on ways to improve your performance. There is no cost or obligation for creating your Prelim Report; all results are kept strictly confidential and the report is yours to keep even if you choose not to partner with us.

Our services allow administrators,  providers and practice managers the ability to make fact-based decisions for improved compliance and revenue performance.

To get our Prelim process started for your department and receive your Free preliminary Analysis, just contact BDA. Still not sure? Watch the video below for more information. 

The BDA Preliminary Analysis Report from BDA Blog on Vimeo.