There are many moving parts when it comes to creating an accountable care organization. BDA can help you avoid the common pitfalls faced by many healthcare providers making the transition to an ACO model. We also can provide a suggested timetable and list of appropriate tools to address your needs.

Common pitfalls to avoid:

  • Allocating too little manpower. Often your staff is already stretched thin. BDA can assist with the complicated process that comes with forming an ACO.
  • Setting the Initial budget too low. It is imperative that the initial budget that is used for the ACO accurately reflects the acuity of the care your system is providing. BDA will work with you to assure that diagnosis coding and associated CPT code capture is accurate and complete.
  • Moving forward without a clear understanding of status quo. Coding and documentation practices often need refinement that should be addressed and corrected before entering into an ACO. BDA can provide the solution.

Where to begin now:

  • Schedule an exploratory meeting with Bill Dunbar and Associates, LLC in order to generate your own Preliminary Analysis Report at no charge to you. The written report is yours to keep regardless of the outcome. Your report will identify the biggest opportunities and challenges in transitioning to an ACO, along with a suggested timetable and list of appropriate tools to address as you move into an ACO model.

ACO Overview (PDF)
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